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birds furry fuzzy humor

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PauerCmx (toonsUp Team) - 04.10.08 19:19
You gotta get used to it
We discuss dead flies on 40 pages of pure, sadistic flamewar and leave cartoons with the meaning of life in them with no comments.
As Yakov Smirnoff would put it in his "old Russian reversal" style: On Soviet-toonsup, the conflict debates YOU!!
timns - 04.10.08 18:55
The pressure! The pressure!

But thank you all for your contributions - I had no idea these little cartoons would stimulate such a debate, and I greatly appreciate your input.
toonsUp Mitglied - 04.10.08 18:51
i think an artist has to be creative! i guess characters like C and B are quite original and i admit that there are a whole bunch of very respectable strips so far been drawn, but it's highly redundant and banal to reproduce very old puns, nonsense mimic/gesture stuff. an artist has to stand out, if he wants to be considered a good one.
i repeat again: bad puns, idiotic word-plays and their likes are not at all creative but washed-out things that belong to the past. timns can do much better, and that is what i expect for the future.
Keller - 04.10.08 17:55
I do have to aggree with Paul, style is style, it doesn't need necessarily any meaning or particular message. I think a strip just must not be banal or redundant, that means not worth reading. None of Timns strips I know are like that.
If one needs examples for completely unnecessary strips he has to read for instance the german "Flix" oder the norwegian "Nemi".
PauerCmx (toonsUp Team) - 04.10.08 17:46
I also stress that cartoons don't essentially need any kind of "life is ugly, get me down!" stuff in 'em. Or any deeper meaning for that matter. Screw that!
Do create straight-forward puns, cute/minimal characters and all that. Just keep your style - that's all.
boy - 04.10.08 12:51
Yäh keep on the silly work. Grrreat. :-)
toonsUp Mitglied - 04.10.08 11:02
thanks timns: i guess you got the things right. just as i wanted you to understand.
i know it's really really hard to keep a sophisticated level in a series of over 100 strips.
therefore the last thing i want to add is:
the genre you chose, is one of the hardest to walk on. the way to make people laugh or amaze offers a wide branch of options. some have a certain level, and some can't even spell this word.
so starting from your 101st strip on: leave bad puns, wordplays or jokes based on different mimics or gestures away, because it's neither very creative nor original.
it's hard to witness the same things by different artists on and on and on.... i don't get this.. whatever
rock on man, i deeply respect you. (even if some words in my posts won't indicate this) but leave those aspects of your works away from now on.
timns - 04.10.08 10:18
And a big thank you to everyone who likes Twiggles & Cobbe and has given such great feedback.
timns - 04.10.08 10:17
Hey stumpi, I'm not upset or offended. Part of the "fun" of putting any work in a public place is the chance of someone thinking it's not funny, or a waste of time. And I can respect anyone's point of view (well, ok, most people's)

I write HITC for my own amusement and satisfaction because I personally love crappy comics with 4 panels and a cheesy punchline. They go well with my coffee before I get back to my real work.

If it helps to know, there are some proper stories coming up for Twiggles and Cobbe: I've written over 100 strips with these birds; some I think are pretty good, some are probably terrible, but I do try and make every strip give you a smile (or a groan) by the last panel. That's my ouvre.

As for delicacies for the special few people: I'll sit like Rodin's Thinker for a while and see if I can come up with something more earth-shattering! I do write other stuff which is not posted here, since it's based around illustrations by another artist. I'll see if he's interested in working on ToonsUp.

Waterwing - 04.10.08 02:20
Yeah Hannahlein are dead right^^
Hannahlein - 04.10.08 02:17
Why does it have to have a deeper meaning? I think sometimes it's good to have things that just entertain you and make you smile a little. If every comic was totally serious and meaningful it would'nt be fun anymore. And there are enough bad things out there so I personally think it's great to just don't have to think about it all the time and just enjoy.

Maybe some of you will think I'm childish or something like that but I simply don't care. Keep on rocking timns, I love your works!
Keller - 04.10.08 00:47
The comics have no deeper meaning, what's the problem. Those two birds are not affected by the weird problems of the big world, they just exist and enjoy it. That is in fact a deeper meaning, woa.
Waterwing - 04.10.08 00:33
Jeah Twiggels is simply great ^^
Made (toonsUp Admin) - 04.10.08 00:07
I think stumpi is just jealous that you are such a womenizer with your cute strips.
If the twiggles outfit works, I want to order one too!

toonsUp Mitglied - 03.10.08 22:06
dear timns: i really fell like i have to tell you something very important about your "cobbe and twiggles-strips"
and believe me i wouldn't have even tipped a single letter on my keyboard if i won't appreciate you.
so therefore don't be upset:
cobbe and twiggles sure are sweet birds and their stories so far may also be cute.
But that's it. It has no message, no particular joke, nothing in this direction. Sometimes you only work with mimics, than bad puns and so on. This is nothing that i could be proud of having created.
The only thing you'll achieve by making C&B-strips like this one, is to amaze irrational little girls who have little to no interest in what happens in the world.
i don't think that's your milieu.
So ask yourself, what the future shall bring for C&B.
Don't create opium for the masses, create real delicacies for a few!
timns - 03.10.08 21:01
Thank you kindly!

Twiggles seems to be a real hit with the ladies. I'm going to get myself a Twiggles outfit to wear at parties.
Hannahlein - 03.10.08 20:35
Aw, I love Twiggles so much <3 He's just too cute. And the joke is great, I love the "wordplay" in it. Hihi, brass X3

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